Cultural Evening at the Fort

On March 25th the Fort National Historic site held a cultural evening at the Fort. Guests arrived and made their way into the café area where there were appetizers and beverages. They were able to visit for a little while before heading to the Big House where they were ushered upstairs to hear M’Girl perform.

The four ladies vocals acoustically filled the room, and as I watched people’s reactions, I could see that people loved every minute of it. M’Girl engaged the room, people were laughing, clapping and stomping their feet while listening to different songs. Each song had a story behind it, each member of M’Girl took turns to happily share. I asked one lady if she enjoyed the performance at the end of the night, and she said it was too short, and she loved it.

After the performance the people were brought to the fire in the middle of the Fort site, where under the clear night sky, they listened to Fern Gabriel from Kwantlen First Nation tell stories of our people. It was a charming evening, the music echoed in my head afterward, and I found myself humming to it as I walked to the fire. I had to exit early at the side of the fort, and as I looked back to see Fern’s arms spread out and could hear her voice echo. Everyone was intently listening to what she had to say, the fire crackled and the glow from the flames warmed the eagerly listening group. I couldn’t help but think what a beautiful night.


 - Natache Gabriel


Weaving with Mechtild Morin

Last Saturday at the Richmond Cultural Centre we sat together with Mechtild Morin to learn the craft of Métis hand weaving.

Not only did we learn some Métis history, but we experienced first hand the patience that went along with these beautifully woven creations.

Mechtild's years of experience in teaching this art made the experience for a novice (and quite frankly an "all thumbs" person such as myself) very positive and rewarding.

The relaxed class was held in the beautiful and open Atrium Room at the Richmond Cultural Centre and was extremely enjoyable for everyone.

It was so much fun to sit around a table with some wonderful ladies, enjoying a cup of coffee and chat while we learned to hand weave.

I would also like to thank the City of Richmond for their part in our wonderful Hand Weaving Workshop.

-Jeanne, CSACS

Cedar Rose Workshop with Britany Quinn

We had a great time at the Cedar Rose Workshop this past weekend with Britany Quinn. She walked us through the history of cedar and how important it was to the Coastal First Nations.

Britany brought some examples of her weaving and even some cedar hats. It was all really beautiful, intricate work. 
We also had a great surprise when Fern Gabriel, Kwantlen’s language teacher and incredible story teller stopped in and briefly shared a story with us. 


What a wonderful beginners workshop!   We sipped our coffee and tea from lelem' at the fort café and got down to work.   Patience was needed while we practiced on a ribbon. Then we were challenged to create a small cedar rose before we used the larger and treasured cedar strips that Britany brought for us.  

The results were beautiful long stemmed cedar roses. 
In keeping with tradition, we gave our first creation away with love to our Valentines and others close to our hearts. 


Thank you, Britany, for an informative and fun afternoon. I love my rose! 


-Jeanne Jamieson, CSACS

Our New Website

Well! Here we are with our brand new shiny website.

It has been a long time coming and we here at Coast Salish Arts & Cultural Society have been so eager to share with you all of our amazing presenters, workshops and events that we have!

Please do ensure you log on for new content each month.  We will be blogging, creating new events and workshops and adding more presenters to our page for your reading pleasure.

We have a new workshop that will be added to the website shortly! A carving workshop with Aubrey LaFortune.  It's going to be a 3 part workshop held at the Fort Langley National Historic site inside our cafe, lelem at the Fort.

We also have a really amazing show coming up at lelem' in March with a band from the Island called Blue Moon Marquee.  You will want to book a sitter for that night and come out to enjoy some smokey gypsy blues that go so so well with that glass of red.

Thats all from us for now! If you have any comments, concerns or compliments please leave them below so that we can attend to them right away!