Weaving with Mechtild Morin

Last Saturday at the Richmond Cultural Centre we sat together with Mechtild Morin to learn the craft of Métis hand weaving.

Not only did we learn some Métis history, but we experienced first hand the patience that went along with these beautifully woven creations.

Mechtild's years of experience in teaching this art made the experience for a novice (and quite frankly an "all thumbs" person such as myself) very positive and rewarding.

The relaxed class was held in the beautiful and open Atrium Room at the Richmond Cultural Centre and was extremely enjoyable for everyone.

It was so much fun to sit around a table with some wonderful ladies, enjoying a cup of coffee and chat while we learned to hand weave.

I would also like to thank the City of Richmond for their part in our wonderful Hand Weaving Workshop.

-Jeanne, CSACS